—Love counts.—
Ciao ! My name is Mia and I am italian.

♥ I am in madly love with Gordon Ramsay. He is my universe, my sunshine, my pride, my smile, my heart, my dream. The reason why I live and I breath. Gordon is simply ALL MY LIFE. Gordon is just the most wonderful thing in the universe. He's my entire life. ♥

♥ Criss Angel is my obsession.

I'm a big proud supporter of Fc Internazionale Milano.
I really love read and write.
Luciano Ligabue is my God.
Pier Paolo Pasolini and Massimo Troisi.
United Kingdom; I go crazy for british accent.
United States of America.
Mouline Rouge!
Chelsea F.C.

♥ Somewhere always near Gordon♥

• The 8th February 2012 Gordon started to follow me on twitter. ♥

« Love counts, do you know another way to cheat death? ».

« A day without laughter is a day wasted».
The Simpsons - The Food Wife. 

The Simpsons - The Food Wife

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